Skitzo-Too Hot to Handle

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A newly uncovered Skitzo Short! Circa 1925 this copy of "Too Hot To Handle" was discovered inside an old crematorium furnace. The ashes and dust seemed to have ruined the nitrate film a bit, but it's a lucky find considering all copies of this cartoon were burned within days of their showing. The main reason being that when viewed in full form, audience members complained of boiling blood and fever. A lady in New York claimed the burning inside was so bad, she would sit in a meat freezer for hours every day, scraping her skin off and screaming in vain, "Please God I'm burning alive, please just let me cool down!!" Her corpse was later found dead in the freezer completely peeled of flesh and frozen next to the pork chops. Enjoy!

Made in Flash
Skitzo the Bear (c) Crystal Gonzalez
Music Credit- "Iron Horse" -Kevin Macleod

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it says comedy yet it was scary

Comick responds:

I thought it was funny hehehe

That poor puppy! "I owe you my life" "FUCK YOUR LIFE!"

You screwed up the premise there, there's no audio in a silent film except the music. Come on, you are perfectly capable of making it work without breaking the 1920s motif, you do it in all the other ones.

You've really got to do one where he's working a funhouse/haunted house theme ride. Where people go in to GET scared and then they can't handle what he has for them because he's just a little too good at it, he could kill them not in the usual way but in pure fright. Ooh ooh! A BOAT RIDE! Then the people riding on the boats coming out the other end are just like these corpses with horrible frightened looks on their faces, and all their hair is turned white, and all their joints are dislocated and pointed weird ways.

Comick responds:

Ah yeah sometimes I do add in sounds and things that of course would not appear in a real silent film...I'll just blame it on demonic possession! haha but glad you enjoyed it and that story you make up make me laugh pretty hard haha nice. :) Thanks again

The Skitzo toons are great, they put you in the 20, and show you a terrofic pysco character that seem peaceful, but in a moment goes crazy and murder all the living things that are in there.

The animation is quite good, and I like the other characters besides the bear. The only problem is that after viewing it my body temperature went up to 114 degrees and I am now dying in the hospital. Would not reccomend for anyone non-suicidal.

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Mar 31, 2013
2:38 AM EDT
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