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Commando Attack

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Author Comments

***This is just prototype***

Note: Currently, The are Only 2 levels.
If anyone want to play around with some levels, you can download the Map Editor here:
And you can send me your levels here: leveldesignkit@gmail.com
maybe i will add it to my game (:

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Nice indeed

So this was actually one of the better action shooter based games the art was pretty good but I personally like what you did with the controls and how smooth they ran made for a really fun game and a good game playthrough


pretty good man. :)

Not bad for a prototype dude. :)

Controls are pretty good, add an ability to roll (like hold 's' and press 'a' or 'd').
I'd also suggest make more than a couple weapons available. (I know it's just a prototype, but still, throwing it out there.) Machine guns, flame throwers, possibly lazors, exploding chickens... just remember to use the appropriate graphic for the player's weapon.
Environment doesn't look bad, just wish there was a little more variety in it. Not in the level design itself, but more in the tiles and background. Try and see if you can get the BG to scroll as well, like parallax scrolling.
Enemies need to jump less, they seem like frogs on meth or something. And I'd suggest making their projectiles a little slower, give the player some time to react and dodge. (I died on the first level when I first attempted. DX)
Overall, this looks like a pretty good work-in-progress. Looking forward to the final turnout. :)

Ah, it's out! Seems to be working well too, though it feels like the levels need a more consistent design, the character needs less HP, the enemies need to jump around less, the edges of starting blocks are a bit abrupt, and there should be some instruction towards the end that you need to press down to get through a door. Otherwise, this has a lot of potential. If you could integrate the level editor within the game, and make it so that users can save their levels online (maybe using the API?) that would add TONS of re playability to this! But first, how about a more consistent tile set and design? Ability to chose the background image would be nice too. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out!


Errhh...CT Special Forces much?

Credits & Info

3.43 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2013
7:05 AM EDT