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Orange Jackpot = Your Bid x 50
Red Jackpot = Your Bid x 70
Green Jackpot = Your Bid x 100
Super/Blue Jackpot = Your Bid x 1000

Arrange Your Bid . More you bid more prize promise for you .

Beware Some Useless Trick Will Sure Make You Lose A Lot .

You know Gambit ? There are some unbelievable rumours that he start here first before he join x-men.

Rules :
Bid Must Be More Then 8 and Less Then coin you has.
You will lose if your coin less then 8.


On screen :
Press Start To Start A Machine .
Press Redeem to Submit Your Point To Newgrounds Highscore (login need).
Press Upbid to Up Your Bid.
Press Down to Down Your Bid (if you afraid).

On Keyboard :
Press Enter To Start Or Play Again.
Press Escape To Redeem . (login need)
Press Arrow Up To Up Your Bid .
Press Arrow Down To Low Your Bid.

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It was fun. A good way to waste a little time, till I saw that the Author had the high score and decided I needed to crush his score without mercy.

One major note. Change the up and down bid buttons! I had to push up 19,992 times so that I could wager 20,000 a spin. Make it so that you can just hold them down instead of having to click or press up over and over and over.

mrdragon87 responds:

ty for nice support . Will think about that . You can use arrow up to make it fast a little bit . but will think . tyvm. but nice record ... congratz

Fun game especially when I win.. I found a secret that was giving me so much $$$ lol..

mrdragon87 responds:

thanks a lot for playing .. haha

It was... too simple, it was also boring, the music was hurting my ears, and it just was not that good of a game.

mrdragon87 responds:

sory lady, will improve:)

not terrible but does get frustrating when betting over 100, the higher your bet the more frustrating it gets. graphics are decent 3/5 , gameplay 2/5. My only other complaint is that i am forced to bet 8 at the very start. With some changes i could lose a lot of time on this game, but as is it is too frustrating for me.

mrdragon87 responds:

thanks will improve .

Lol, I just can't stop playing it. I like the game, but its just too much easy!

mrdragon87 responds:

Watch Out Contest Will Be Available Soon

Credits & Info

3.33 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2013
12:02 PM EDT
Skill - Collect