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Reality of The Bible

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This is a joint production by Buck Cash (buckcash.com) and The Infidel guy (infidelguy.com). The caller is not a true caller as this was only the first in a great series of show highlights. In the future, these movies will be much longer will real callers. Believe me, the real callers are worst (funnier)than our little staged movie.

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the word of god is pure

that can mean anything.
it could mean all the bible is right or it could mean that the bible is not dirty or that it is original.
i say the bible is not all true, it has things that can't be true and it has mistranslations and misinterpretations all over.

Wow that guy must feel like a dumbass

But other then that, Not really a good flash. 8/10

very funny

now its guys like that that give cxristans everywhere a bad name rolfmao


That about sums it up- most christians I know are just stuck up people who walk around with their noses held high like their better than everybody else- buncha snobs. Nicely done though dude.

Very clever!!!

Funny, ironic, and true.

Well done!

- Split Shanx

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3.59 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2002
2:22 AM EDT