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Viva La Vida Mario

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The music has been removed here due to copyright issues. To watch with sound please visit


Check out the final part to the trilogy Super Mario Atlas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrSIAPZ81E4

A sprite movie based on the music of Coldplay and direct sequel to Back to the Start Mario.

Super Mario saves the Mushroom Kingdom and then proceeds to bring world peace to Earth, but it proves more difficult than once thought when Mario is considered an enemy of peace.

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Nice animation but is there meant to be music in this or is it my headset? Oh wait it says watch on youtube for volume .-. im stupid. Oh btw i youtube doesnt work for me on my phone so ill go on the link from my tablet :) ps ill sub

jackbliss responds:

Thank you! Yes NG removed the audio for copyright reasons sorry. Hope you can watch it on the YouTube link and subscribe for more :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAuuFqwP7vQ

Your a beautiful beautiful man, I freaking love you
Please dont take this in a Sexaul way but.....
I fucking love you man, you make mario better then whats expected
god, i love you
Damn I sound like a kiss ass

jackbliss responds:

Thanks man. I love you too for leaving such a touching review. Thanks also for following me :)

...Why can't i give you more stars?! ><
this was fucking beautiful!!!!!

Ah, I remember when I first watched "Back To The Start Mario" a few days after my eleventh birthday. I'm pretty sure it was the first thing I'd ever seen on the internet with a serious tone and a legitimate message. It got me into coldplay, and got me thinking about animation and the world. The years have come and gone, and, as I'd never expected, a sequel has been made.

Having watched it, I think I can say that, while it's not the prettiest thing on newgrounds, the massive improvements in art, animation and scene direction make it even more enjoyable than the original. While such a black-and-white portrayal of peace and corruption would seem overly simplistic in a full-length film, for four minutes, it works surprisingly well to promote the simple message held within and is enhanced by the clear amount of painstaking detail and time invested.

I may have grown a bit more fond of the Blue Blur than the ol' Portly Plumber over time (and shifted the majority of my creative efforts towards Hand-Drawn Sonic Parodies), but that hasn't kept me from recognizing quality and heart in Mario Sprite fanworks, especially "Mario Back To The Start" and this sequel.

Well done, Jackbliss. I anticipate seeing the result of the wide-eyed children that will be inspired by "Viva La Vida Mario" just as the original inspired me seven years ago.

jackbliss responds:

Hey thanks for the review! Glad to know people still remember that movie. I was only 20 and it was like one of my first flash movies ever and still the most known lol. Also good to hear I've improved over the years a bit. I watched some of your Sonic parodies. They're pretty cool. Keep up the great work and hope we will continue to watch each others movies for years to come :)

really good.