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Zombie Massacre

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The place is covered with fog. Zombies are approaching fast. Your fate is sealed. You are surrounded. No place to go. No place to hide. The only weapon you've got is a pistol. However, there are weapons nearby. With no help on the way and your alone, it's time to massacre these zombies. So take the zombies down with you! Also available on Windows 8 Store.

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Was very hard to control but i liked it

Quite simply, a fail. Movement is impossible due to faulty script at least for WASD. and the sheer size of the flash stretching the page for arrow keys.

The How To Play menu shouldn't be auto-scrolling. There should be buttons to go forward and back at one's own will.

The concept isn't exactly original, but that is beside the point. Make sure that the scripting works for WASD at least, or reduce the size of the flash so arrow keys are a viable option.

Parting thought: Dubstep as background music: nice choice.

androidmt319 responds:

Alright. I've resize the game. I've notice that the movement is impossible if you clicked outside the game. Don't know why that's happen. It works fine until I've upload it here. I've made this game with Construct 2 Free Edition. So that's why the How To Play menu is auto.

The game looks terrible and plays terrible (No offence to the author). It looks really simple and the screen is just too big as another side effect. If the game looked a bit better...I would have given it 2 stars

I think it needs some work every time i shot they would disappear and i wouldnt gain any points, i never found a gun, and the zombies looked completly yellow.

androidmt319 responds:

I don't know why you have that problem. Works fine for me. The guns are at the top right and bottom left of the map.

great game! narrow vision makes it challenging, but thats not a bad thing!