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Hell City

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When demon spawn is let loose then only the strong will survive Hell City.

Make the right choices in this choose your own adventure game to survive and maybe, just maybe bring peace to the city as it falls apart around you.

Warning: This game includes strong language and some ridiculous B movie style deaths.

Hope you have fun!

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I'm so glad I'm playing this stoned the first time through. Great game!

not that bad as i espected
i'll be kind and vote 5 stars

Really fun game, well written, few errors and a well experience overall. I found one typo and that it said chapter 2 instead of chapter 3 when it was the third chapter. I also found that it was more fun to get yourself killed and see the death messages than anything. Is this a reupload anyway? I mean I remember playing this a while back but oh well, still fun as always.

It's more enjoyable than reading an actual book because in here, you make the choices.

Awesome. Loved the storytelling.