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(Made in under 72 hours for Ludum Dare)

You are an alien, and like all aliens your goal is to take over the small planet called Earth.

Unfortunately, your ship had a few loose pieces (lol). Leaving you, defenseless and unable to accomplish your evil task.

You must find these pieces, gather matter from shops/banks/goats and then make Earth yours!

- Move: up, down, left and right arrow keys
- Disguise: Z key
- Menu: up, down to navigate and Z to select


Gotta say that I love the soundtrack in this game!

It's a fairly interesting game, with a fairly nice art style. To be honest, I did go through the first couple of levels without realizing I could collect matter from buildings and goats, but I should have read the description more carefully. I did initially think that matter was a bonus you got after completing the level. I think you nailed the enemy variety and it had a pretty good skill curve, although the enemy that jumped over buildings caught me more times than not. It was definitely a challenging game, but it was a fun one.

CaffeineViking responds:

Thanks for the review!
Yes, I should have made a better tutorial to
show players how it works :) Unfortunately
I didn't have time to implements that for the
game jam.

good game. I just wish their was something indicating when I could disguise myself and when I couldn't.

those cops are so easy to trick

CaffeineViking responds:

Agreed :)

I was going to add that in the final game but
me and my artist didn't have enough time (we only had 72 hours
to make everything) to implement that.

Thanks for playing it!

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2.93 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2013
2:26 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid