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AS2 Inventory System

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Advanced tutorial on Inventory system for AS2

Report any problems to me

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Nice tutorial - could you show us how to amend it to use in a point and click game where the player uses the mouse to add items (a key for instance, then a potion) to the inventory, then as he uses them (unlock a door, poison a goblin) they vanish and the next item found can re-use the slot?
I tried to amend it but couldn't make it work. It would be cool if it could work with about 20 items found in random order ! Thanks.

Nice tutorial.Cool to see a added example.

Good Tutorial but....
Im a super noob to flash and actionscript been messing around with it for a couple months lol
been looking for a really good example of an inventory system and scripts for me to incorporate into my projects. This IS the best one Ive found....Having said that, I cant make this work. I get too many errors (just copy n paste the script) i can usually figure it out but theres just too much in this one lol
So Awesome tutorial......not so good for noobs.

LukeElchul responds:

What errors do you get I might be able to help you?

Nice tut. More interactivity would make it awesome

LukeElchul responds:

Ok I will think about that in the future :)

what the crap is this!!!! you barly get to do notting!!!!!

LukeElchul responds:

Its a tutorial mate