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Dogfight Sim

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Author Comments

Its the second World War and your a lone pilot in the skies. The best there is, fight, shoot to kill. Maneuver your plane to avoid enemy fire and mid air collisions. Fast paced super War Time Flight Simulator game.

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Good game indeed, but it has space for improving.

Simple, quite fun game but needs some issues addressed:
1- only 3 lives: no possibility of earning more is only artificial difficulty leave that to nintendo
2- incompetent allies: I've been shot down or crashed in by my "wingmates" quite enough
3- useless crossairs: often you can't score a hit even at point blanc range
4- air crashes: could be managed better as enemy planes tend to crash into you deliberately
5- badly explained controls: i've found by chance that SPACE is throttle up, are there more keys?
6- needs unlockables: would be nice to earn different planes fit for different roles
7- a different color for enemy planes: green wasn't the only livery used
8- arrows to look around or at least a key to look behind?
Verdict: the bases are there, now there's only need for a bit of refinement

Good game but it needs work. Controls are very fidgetty, and crosshairs is deceptive at best. Usually you have to aim well under them.

1) You say the game is in WWII. Both planes are WWI era
2) The controls are way too sensitive

Having tab as the key to switch between guns and bombs is a very bad idea as that also switches focus from the game to the next thing on the webpage (at least on IE it does and that's all i have to play on at work).

Also only having 3 lives before you have to go right back to the beginning is very old skool. This isn't a critiscism, just a comment on the frustration.

Credits & Info

3.54 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2013
8:37 AM EDT