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Ultimate Ninja

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There is a very large dark organization.They kidnapped the daughter of a
Japanese ninja organization leaders.They want to take advantage of the ninja
organization to do bad things.Fortunately, a brave ninja to come forward.He
was determined to rescue the leaders daughter.So brave ninja start for a
thrilling adventure.
Use mouse to play,some items you can interact,just click on it to trigger plot.

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A simple game with clicking puzzles. You should include something unique so it stands out from other similar games.

That was so freaking easy..... Like a child's game.

The "puzzles" aren't puzzles at all -- you just click until you find what you're meant to do. It doesn't even register clicks that aren't correct, so if something works, you know you're doing it right. The only "challenge" is in ambushing the enemies, and that was unnecessarily frustrating. At some points, there's only a tiny fraction of a second where it's safe to start walking. Any earlier or later and you die. And considering that you're often across the screen from the enemy, finding that fraction of a second can take a lot of tries. Just makes it way more annoying than it needs to be.

Also, I saw what Jhaneline was talking about. Dunno if you can help this or not, but you should try not to have important objects covered by logos.

I usually like these kind of point and click puzzle games .... the puzzles on here (so far) aren't too bad but my main issue is having to time your attack after setting everything up. decided to quit the game on the robot cat level because i could only sit through so many animations that damn robot walking slowly across the screen just to have the damn guy at the end turn around (on his 1 inch walkway) and shoot me. there are definitely much better executed point and click games on new grounds.... sorry just not a fan of this one

I'm usually pretty decent at puzzles but wound up stuck on a level. I'm unsure if it me or a glitch in the game. I can highlight a few items to interact with but none will function.. It's the level with the pipes stuck in the big wheel, with spikes. please help. Thank you. other than that, it's a decent puzzle game.