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All stars 10 Points

Take 3 medals on each level

Time attack 25 Points

Complete game for 3 minutes.

Time panic 50 Points

Complete game for 2 minutes 50 seconds.

Time hell 100 Points

Complete game for 2 minutes 45 seconds.

Author Comments

Kolobok features 20 challenging levels. Roll, fly, freeze and burn Kolobok to reach the exit of each level. Eat the different mushrooms to get the special abilities. Enjoy the new gameplay mechanics and complete all the levels as quickly as you can. Play using the arrow or WASD keys.

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god dang

Great game with fun puzzles, often with more than one solution to discover. Any hints on how to reduce time further? Can't get the last medal and feel I've done most as fast as they can be!

Got there! Great challenge :)

Well, I got to 2:49 eventually. Not sure if I can shave off another five seconds, though. I feel like I must be doing one of the levels with an imperfect strategy.

Turns out I was doing levels eleven and sixteen wrong. I got back four seconds from sixteen and one from eleven.

For those trying to get the medal, here are the times I earned on each level:

1: 2s;

hold right

2: 3s;

hold right

3: 3s;

falter slightly before moving right

4: 4s;

remember to grab the yellow shroom go right once you can

5: 6s;

6: 5s;

ignore shrooms

7: 9s;

8: 7s;

don't wait for the spider after getting the fireshroom

9: 10s;

10: 12;

11: 4s;

right, up, r, u, r, down, r, u, left, d, l, u, l, d

12: 5s;

r, d, r, u, r, d. get ice shroom, make one ice block to the left, get blue shroom

13: 8s;

reminder, ice balls go thru spikes

14: 9s;

15: 6s;

r, u, r, d, r, d, r.

16: 4s;

l, r, d, r, u, r, u, l, r.

r, d, r, d, l, u, l, r

not sure which is faster

17: 11s;

18: 18s;

19: 1s;

hold left until right

20: 22s

I keep thinking that there must be a faster way that skips a walk cycle, but I haven't found one.

Aha! go to the left through the portal, then to the right to get the key, then back through the portal, then to the right. you can skip one walk cycle. thank you HerbieG! this was a good challenge

In game total: 2:38(164s)
My sum: 2:29(149s) I guess it rounds down

To get Time Hell you actually have to get it down to 2:44, and *not* merely 2:45 as the medal description falsely states!

Actually for all the time-based medals you must make one second less than stated in order to obtain the medal.

As to how to do that, first be sure you absolutely have the fastest method of completing the stage, for all stages. Are you sure? It may take a few tries and you'll find a slightly faster method. Remember every tiny miniscule amount of time counts, so shaving the tiniest amount of time off a stage will add up, especially combined with all the stages. Be extremely risky with enemies because if you shave a few pixels off that adds up to time savings.

Also just replaying and doing the exact same thing sometimes is a tad faster or slower on some runs, so you'll need to keep replaying through a bunch.

Medals don't pop up in-game but will be on your account if you earned them.

Nice, original. Not too difficult, and getting all stars was quite easy. However, as I've completed the game and scored all stars, those medals don't give me enough of an incentive to shave off more seconds. Especially because your fastest time per level and fastes overall time are shown nowhere, and completing the last lvl every time just to see the overall time info is a little tedious and a heavy-handed approach.

Credits & Info

3.67 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2013
11:19 AM EDT