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Star Squadrons

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This is a space real-time strategy game that combines epic space battles and development on planets. You take on the role of a young commander Aldrin, who joined the Resistance and struggling against the oppressive Empire for freedom and independence of planetary systems.

Select units:
a) Click left mouse button on a unit
b) Hold left mouse button and drag over the screen to select multiple units.

Move units:
Click left mouse button to any place to move selected units.

Deselect units:
a) Click 'Deselect' button
b) Select with a frame on empty space
c) Press [space] key.

Destroy selected units:
Press [Ctrl] + [X]

Select specific type of units:
Select with a frame and hold follow keys to select specific unit types: [Z] - assaulter, [X] - troops, [C] - defence, [V] - service (you can combine them).

Add to a group:
Select with a frame and hold [Shift] key

Remove from a group:
Select with a frame and hold [Ctrl] key

Open the planet's panel:
Deselect all units then
a) Double-click on the planet
b) Click on the planet and then click 'open' button
c) Click on the planet and press [space] key

Camera movement:
a) Press WASD or arrow keys
b) Move mouse out of the game screen
c) Click on the minimap

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it's a great game the only problems i have is mission three and the endless dropships and also the 100 limit. at least you can make it 150 or 200.

I was very excited once I found out just how refined this game is. My first issue with it was with moving around units through the level... it would do well to be able to send units to places by clicking on the map. Alternatively, i've wanted to move a unit somewghere, i'd click on the map, go there and click too soon, thus the mouse would select a box area and i would deselect the unit i wanted to move.
i kind of got use to it but i still think you should change it. Have shift-left click as a right click function.

i enjoyed the campain up till the part where level 5 turned out to be a total drag.
it's a good level, but there are tiny missteps that can end up in a game over... and then you have to completely start all over again... and the beginning really is boring as hell

a minor detail: i've noticed that if a ship shoots another ship but misses and the bolt passes through a different hostile unit it does nothing... just a suggestion

Its a cool game, but there are issues. It's possible to end up at a stalemate. I sent a fleet of 65 ships to try to end it. Didn't work. Also the drop ships are too strong in terms of defense. The computer just sends fleets of them straight at planets and they get through with little to no escorts. Makes no sense. Great foundation for a game, but some issues to deal with.

while its a great game its nearly impossible to get past the third mission simply because you get hit with so many enemies that are far faster then yourself and the transport dies in 5 or 6 hits. the fact that you also made skirmish mode unavailable until after the story is beaten is basicly a big "haha we made you load our game with its nice graphics and now were making it impossible for you to play it but you want to because its programmed nicely and looks good" which is just wrong. this seriously needs fixed. alternatly if theres another way that the mission is supposed to be beaten then it needs to be pointed out because "run for it" doesnt work. i tried everything including sitting there for an hour and waiting for ross's guys to take out the enemies and also taking that little path up top which you conveniently lined the way down with even more enemies then the obvious path. (again with the taunting) so please eather fix your game or if theres somthing that all of us are missing point it out (if litteraly every person is missing whatever it is then you seriously need to work on making it so that your games arent just playable by yourself. try beta testers.)

Ok, I have to write this. I love the game, I have favorited it and gave it a 5 stars. But I repeated the third mission and now I'm getting really, really frustrated at the fifth. Why haven't you implemented checkpoints? The fifth mission you have to stroll down to the base, you don't have to use your brain to do anything, when repeating the mission you have to stroll down over and over again, and it takes a few minutes to get there. Was this step really necessary? You can't build anything, you can't develop anything, just stroll down until you capture the base. And afterwards it's that transport that has to be protected: it has TOO LITTLE LIFE. I have sent all the units I had and I could muster to anticipate the interceptors, it killed that transport 3 times. It is really annoying to have to repeat all the mission over and over and over again. Guys, this game is made smartly, how could you miss this, really! Please, this is literally ruining my gaming experience (I was really excited to see this game and play it!), update it and implement mission checkpoints, that way people won't have to redo things they already did and get annoyed. And a difficulty setting would be much appreciated too. Besides all this, the game has a great concept, great controls (although I would have sticked only with the keyboard camera controls, no mouse needed because sometimes it can hover around aimlessly), excellent graphics and awesome music/sound design, the voice acting is well made. It seems really upsetting for me as a player to see a really great game such as this be ruined by some minor gameplay flaws and omissions. Eliminate those and this is a 6/5 with a badass seal of approval!

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4.17 / 5.00

Mar 11, 2013
10:29 AM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place March 13, 2013