X vs. Zero

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I wanted to edit some parts of the video like lowering the sfx on the dialogue and some typo. Oh well... I don't have the file now besides this is done years ago and was uploaded on youtube.

Things I wanted to happen on the vid.

1. True to both characters.
2. There are not much game influences or anime like DBZ etc. even though I use some DBZ sound effects and Metal Slug Sprites. Anyway, What I meant is that you'll feel this is 100% Megaman X.
3. This gets a lot of views and good comments.

I hope you enjoy watching this!!!

http://www.mediafire.com/?ytlhzgnyneb , you can download the mp3. "Music made by Breis"

Day Of Sigma Download link!

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The Great Beginning Legend

This animation was one of the few that inspired me to begin making my own Sprite Fights, and for good reason. The way you choreographed the fight to the song was done well, especially with building up the action. The ride armor scene was also interesting, with the switching perspectives. This is a classic that's on-par with SMBZ.

AMAZING. Just amazing. Not much else to say there!

This was the flash that got me into your further works. I'm happy that even after nearly 3 years it sill holds up today. please, do not stop what you do for it is amazing!