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The RJL Show Episode #1

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I was planning on releasing the series in October 2011, but I was busy with some other series I created. However, the series is finally here! So I introduce to you, The RJL Show! Mr. Horsey is kept annoyed thanks to the mouse (cursor) moving randomly. This is based on the actual RJL Pranks website, by the way.

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This should have been blammed.
The tweens are stretched, the voices cut over each other and the premise is goddamn near. On-existent.
And it got Daily.
Well fuck me, this might be the worst shit ever to crawl through an Adobe program.
Except maybe CS4, d'hohoho.

sorry not liking it.

Natty23 responds:

Thanks for being honest.

How the heck is this daily first?

great job getting on p-bots daily first :) my only problem with it is the micosoft text to speech

"Get out joke, show jourself!"

That is pretty much what i am thinking while watching this. I cant see any sense of humor here, not a single part that made me laugh. The music ist decend, the graphics are ok, but sometimes they look like Paint, the letters too...
I dont know what to say about the voices...

Natty23 responds:

Thanks for being honest.