I want to be an Octopus

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Use WASD or left and right arrow keys to move. Your preference really.

Additional Notes:
(update) after showing this "game" off and spending more time working on projects I can understand any complaints that arise from it not utilizing gameplay at all and instead playing out more like a film/video that has a play and reverse button. Either way, I'm leaving it up as a learning lesson for me personally. Even though I see it as a failed attempt at a game experience, someone else may find it useful to pull from.

This game is about a corgi that wants to become an Octopus, representational of being more than average (fame/innovation).
It's more of an interactive story than a game, and is fairly short. So I would think it's best to be played and experienced first before reading too much about it.
It's okay if you don't get anything out of it. It's an experimental game, and is my first finished project so I'm not expecting perfection from it.

If you enjoy it feel free to leave a comment about what you liked and thought about the experience.

If you didn't enjoy it so much, that's fine too. I would appreciate hearing what about it was unpleasant for you.

I'll try my hardest to respond to most feedback anyone leaves for the game.

Also, if you get the chance check this out: http://portraiturefromthe surreal.tumblr.com Haley Craw does excellent work and has helped out a great deal in giving me feedback on my work.

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I dont really like games that I cant play.Like this one.

Too simple, and pointless. Bad animations (the octopus was OK)
I give this 3 stars to show my point, but being this was an experiement, I give some credit. I believe this would have been a good film, like many others, since it is less interactive and more video.

Moral of this game:
"Better be Grey, than find one's way in Zoo" :/
And THIS should be a short movie ;)

I agree with Phantom-2040....

Hold left for two seconds, then hold right until you win. Yeah--no.

This should have been a movie. Take out any of the laughable pretense of it being a "game", and it would have been a very good, interesting, and even thought-provoking short film. As a "game", however, it leaves me more irritated than anything else at the time I spent wondering when I was going to get to the "game" part.

Gallardoblend responds:

Thanks, I can understand the harsh review. I learned a lot from creating this a while back and picked up that the main reason it failed was because for it to be a game, it doesn't utilize any use of real player interaction. Of course there are other elements that lead to it not being well executed but you're right, that's the thing that it fails to provide, rewarding player interaction.

As a side note, I found it interesting the part of your comment made about it being a potentially interesting short film, but laughable as being a game. I don't disagree with you at all, it's just neat to think that labeling it as something or another can make it a more or less successful. (not that I intend or releasing it as a short film haha).

Thank you for the feedback, and hopefully if you happen to play any future games I release you'll find I've learned from this. Or rather, hopefully you won't even notice that it was made by the same person haha.

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2.97 / 5.00

Mar 7, 2013
11:13 PM EST
Adventure - Other