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Take control of the heroic Inkjet navigating a jammed desktop printer.
Evade obstacles or blow them away with ink in this colorful and endless vertical shooter.
Rack up your high score to compete in online leaderboards.

December 14th Update

- collision boxes shrunk (easier gameplay)
- New enemies

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This has a good concept, but is bad executed.
The controls smooth can be annoying in some cases, useful in others, but isn't a great additional to it, so in this case is annoying. If you feel obligattory to add this smooth, is ok but isn't comfortable. Also, an control selection between WASD/Keys or mouse in pc.
Music is only one song that is one constant melody, so i would like more an initial song and 2 or 3 sounds of inkjet exploding.
If you change the finger to an classical mouse but with finger appaerance, maybe animate the faces of inkjet, and add "personalizated" animations for every object that collides with the inkjet.
An initial animation not left over; maybe the printer printing the newgrounds logo, then it jams and a man scared and suprised passing in the mind random words and the name of the authors, after this he remembers a manual, searchs it and finds it so here are the instructions and the controls, the ammo, etc. Next he throws an inkjet to the printer, or the printer happy printing when it jams and again the manual and the man scared, or... I don't know but this could be very useful in this cases.
This point is personal, it doesn't include but i don't like repetitive games, or not on pc/web, so if it were on tablet or on cellphone maybe it would be more unknown but more fun, and gameplay would be easier so it could be possible to add more enemies, or more difficult.

Bad game, enemys apper almost in front of hero and there is very little time for reaction, too little ammo and only 1 life... i dont like it

Entertaining enough, just wish there was an option of using either mouse or arrow keys.

Why is there a message about posting my score on the leaderboards every time i loose and try to click retry? Its annoying.

Pretty good game! It's a good idea and I think you should exploit it! Add a life system and improve the graphics!