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taosc episode 3

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the adventures of steven caballero, the scratch animated episode series featuring my sc games characters on the scratch websites.

episode plot - mr. flint offers hinton jr and jerry 100 grand that got
stolen from the bank to destroy steven and his friends. knowing that they
never did destroy steven and his friends, they try using some deathmachines
created by other evil genius masterminds. steven tries to stop hinton jr and
jerry by cutting through the forbidden forest that legend says no one
has ever escaped from alive.

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1. Music for opening and closing credits is not original, though the mix may be. I'm new here and don't know if this is an acceptible practice.

2. Great effort is made to match mouth movement to sound, but at beginning the tall guy's mouth stops moving before the sound does.

3. Long section where two guys are just standing there while someone talks offscreen? Short guys blinks once. This is either a glitch or just really boring.

4. Sound quality is distorted. Try moving mike to the side of your mouth and slightly further away rather than right in front of your mouth.

5. The second half has a lot of movement and you can tell a lot of work went into it. It got pretty good there for awhile.

6. Credits could be shorter and combined. While you may want to promote your name, most people just don't care about them.

7. I became so involved in watching the mouths move to match the sound that the actual dialogue was ignored. There was no other movement except for an occasional eye blink or slight head movement, until the second half of the movie, and then WOW! Absolutely fabulous.

Generally a lot of good work went into this, but it can be improved.