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Nuclear Plant 2

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Humanity is nearing its end, and it is up to you to preserve life at all costs! Nuclear Plant 2 is an awesome shooter where your main goal is to constantly upgrade your arsenal! Unlock bigger and badder guns by doing research! How many waves can you survive for? Ppllaayy Nuclear Plant 2 now!

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Idea of game might be not bad, however i found nothing interesting there. No plot (what is showed is not a plot). No hardcore gameplay, nor there any just-kill-thousands-monsters gameplay (they just vanish and reappear). Well at least game killed some time

It's good to play the rest of Nuklear plant!Make the third part where humanity goes back to Earth in an atempt to return their home planet!

I really like the game. But just two things. Firstly, this game looks exactly like the first part but with small changes. Secondly, your "happy end" is not actually happy end. Aliens, that have destroyed their own planet came to this one and killed all the aborigines. I think it's bad ending too.
Despite, the game is good.

Now - it looks like humanity can take back Earth slowly - As they have home on Moon. It looks really fine! =D

VERY entertaining game, but sadly also a very small and easy one.
Just finished with 115 skill points and 77600 spare money.
With some nerfs on upgrades and deletion of the science upgrade, this could be challenging.