Jackass: The Toon

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About the hard life of Russian cartoon heroes

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Its a lot like that Happy Tree Friends show, but instead of mindless violence occuring spontaneously with absolutely no reason in chain reaction, mindless violence occurs with perfect reason with well executed reason...

Because of this, I'm willing to vote 3. With my rating, I'll mention the lack of good music to accompany the cartoon is a part of why it didn't get a vote of 4, but you did good, good enough for a 3.5.
The blocky sketchy character look is probably a part of your style, so I'm not taking major points away because of that, if only that the flash could have used finishing touches to make it look like you tried coloring within the character and backgrounds, which oddly were missing lines and were overlapping colors with other things at some points.
You did good. I hope to see more good stuff from you. I hope you even make great things!

It's an animation by Russian studio Antimult. http://www.antimult.ru

Has that Happy tree Friends sort of touch. Good animation and choice of plot and scenery.

You did a very good job on this animation. The graphics you made for this where pretty good. They could be a little bit better. The comedy you use in this made me laugh a bit but not much so it was somewhat funny. The way you made the pig into a victim was funny and I like how the bees killed him. And I also liked the fact that the the queen bee just stabbed the bear threw the stomach at the end what a nice touch that was. All and all I liked the video it was pretty good and well thought out. Good job on making this video.

The art was very cute, and the animation was decent. It seemed like it had a lot of influence from something like 'Happy Tree Friends'. This says it is a parody, but I don't recognize it, so maybe I am missing a joke or something, but I didn't find this very funny and it was rather predictable.

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3.56 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2013
2:24 AM EST
Comedy - Parody