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The Dot.com Collapse

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For AP US History, we were assigned to make a 10 minute powerpoint arguing a topic from American History, and this assignment was worth 300 points. Being the creative person I am, I looked at that assignment and thought "Powerpoint? Fuck that, I'm making a video!" And so I did.
This took around 14 hours in total to do, about 4 hours on research and writing, and the other 10 hours were spent putting this together and animating. We were given a month to work, but because I procrastinate like fuck, I waited until the last moment, so this was very rushed, though I think the quality is decent enough to present to the internet, and it's pretty humorous for a presentation (it was part of the assignment to make them entertaining; a lot of people seemed to forget this part :p). If I was to describe the reception of this by the class, and the teacher, I would say it was "critically acclaimed". They really enjoyed it, I received constant praise, and I just shrugged it off because I know it's not as good as I had hoped it would be, but god damnit, I am too lazy and have far better things to do than finish this. It's in a complete enough state to be presented, so whatever.
I'm sure the newgrounds community will get a kick out of this. If you have no clue what the dot.com collapse is, well then prepare to be educated.
Well enjoy, I actually did have some fun while working on this, so maybe you'll have an equal or greater amount of fun while watching this!

If you want to see some actual decent cartoons by me, then check out FrogMan the Series: http://www.newgrounds.com /playlists/view/1b5a7df41 536980b799f6e5b3f0610a4
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And if for some reason you think I'm cool, follow my newgrounds for updates and shit: http://artistuknown.newgr ounds.com/follow
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This was very informative. I learned a lot about the collapse and I have you to thank. This was awesome and I like school projects were like as a kid! Bored in class days would be compensated.

I really like the edition that you used in this, and the little animated in the beginning. It's just an excellent job.

It's refreshing to see an informational video on Newgrounds.

You did a good job on the 'educational' aspect of it, and you presented the information in a way that it didn't drag. I liked your use of background music throughout the entire "documentary." I'd say the best part of it was obviously in the beginning, since it was animated.

The animation that was in this was pretty good, though there's one thing I have to nitpick. 0:56 - the 'economy' falling down didn't fall down immediately after the shot, and the animation of it falling down should have been quicker. This may just be me nitpicking, though I personally found it very noticeable; actions like that have to be animated on ones, though I understand that you were short on time when making this.

For what it is - an educational presentation - I'd say it's very entertaining. It's rare that I see any educational presentations with any entertainment value. One of the big pros of this is that since it's entertaining, the information being taught might stick to the viewer's mind, if that makes sense.

artistunknown responds:

While I do blame any wrong looking animation on my limited amount of time, it's not really an excuse since I could have polished it up before posting it online, but I didn't. I'm glad you liked my overall presentation, I really only had a little bit of time to plan it out, as most of the time was spent researching and actually putting the thing together. And yeah, I totally agree with information sticking better if it's presented in an entertaining way. I always try to be entertaining with my educational stuff, even if I have to resort to lame puns. Thanks for the review and I'm glad you liked it!

I liked some of the quirky little charms and honestly, I wish that the flash was filled with more of them because it seems kind of dry the way it is. I get that it's an informative assignment but I wish there were more entertaining things in the flash to make it seem less assignment like and more real for a lack of a better word.

It feels that there were obviously sequences that were meant to just be humor like the internet killing the economy and sequences that were meant to be just information like what seemed like a bunch of slides of just text. I really wish that the two would be intertwined more like adding more humor into the slides or maybe explaining some of the terms very in laymen terms.

It is because of the isolated incidents in the flash that I feel that it doesn't really achieve greatness. It's too heavy on hard facts and doesn't really do anything new or interesting with them. This may be great as a school project, but not as an all out flash.


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artistunknown responds:

I agree that it can get really boring at those points when it's just text. I had planned to have some more animation during those segments and to include some humorous things in those animations, but I ran out of time to work so it had to be scrapped. I could have took the extra time after it was presented to add in those things before posting to newgrounds, so I guess mark that up to my laziness. Thanks for the review!

A really good documentary! The source of the information were good and your voice was entertaining. But, you should add some animation or visual effect.

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3.80 / 5.00

Mar 5, 2013
6:11 PM EST