Epik Work M. Alpha 1.3

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It's been two years I played with flash and many of my friends asked if I will ever finish my platform game that I made. Well here it is, I improved the art and everything else from the last version.


The controls are a bit akward. Especially jumping, I think it has something to do with your collision detection which is questionable to. I made it to level 2, fell down and nothing is happening. There is only one level finished? Anyway, a good platformer takes a lot of time and dedication, you should not aim for making such a game if you haven't got the time or skill. Try something simpler first before reattempting something like this.

NoFatAsiansPlz responds:

Sorry about that, the level 2 part wasn't suppose to be in the game. Every week I release a new level and some how I forgot that this SWF holds level 2 that is currently in the works. The collision detection i'm having trouble on which really bugs me a lot, but I later ignore it. The controls for the game will be change and I know that AWF is a bit weird for a platformer, so you're like the 30th person to tell me that.

The game still needs work. but the game play is ok

Kind of difficult. I like the platform setting, and the fact that there is no story or purpose. :D I would prefer the arrow keys to be the controls, since they are the only function. Hah. But that doesn't matter. I think this is a good game. :)

NoFatAsiansPlz responds:

That's what the game is suppose to be.. xD. A lot of my classmates ftest it out and they have difficult time playing this. Probably I'll change the controls because a lot of people tend to mistakenly think that moving is the arrow keys.

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3.05 / 5.00

Mar 4, 2013
7:10 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other