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Knight vs Planes

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Knight vs planes is a top down shooter with 6 unique enemies and 5 unique weapons and 20 stages. It also has 2 unique abilties.

Weapons and abilities are buyable and upgradeable with money that drops from enemies.

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Not bad, but could use a little work.
Liked background music, could do with the howling less often.

Expected bombs to hit more then one enemy, without proper splash damage, they are useless.
Difference between rocks and arrows too small for the price.
lightning to cheap.
Apperently there is ammo, but it's so plentiful that It might as well not be tracked.
I'd like to see completion bar for the level
I'd like to have seen more levels.
Except for the rocket thing, the baddies didn't really look like planes, more like monsters.

The knight moves way too slow without the feather power up. In fact, the whole game goes way too slowly for its own good.

Also, what is with that intro?

decoratinggames responds:

Hi, thanks for the feedback. We will look into the speed issue.
What do you mean about the intro?

This game could of have been a lot better. There are way to many enemies when you start the next round. I understand there is supposed to some difficulty here but you start off with too much money (actually I think it might be a bug in the game) and it let me buy a ton of upgrades when I did start and the game was to easy. Collecting money to buy big upgrades for just the rock takes like 5 rounds to get. You need to make the money instantly added to your bank because the round would end before I pick up some money of ammo. And lastly the feather legs ability needs to be permanent because the fast enemies are to fast for the slow as heck character. would love to see the game improved.

decoratinggames responds:

Thanks for the feedback, we will look into the issues you mentioned.