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This is a puzzle-arcade game, inspired by the story of Archimedes and the bathtub.

You control shapes that fall into the tub. It is your job to put the shapes as tight as you can, in order to spill the water out!

Arrow keys to move shapes
Z,X to rotate shapes

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this game is better known by its street name, IF TETRIS WAS INVENTED BY AN ASSHOLE
I love it so much

Brusi responds:

Not sure if this is is a compliment or not... I will take it as one :)

amazing game, great and new game concept ! good job

Brusi responds:

Thank you very much! :)

Well the first time i try i just put the piece randomly, then i try to do it seriously and my score was lower..

but this is an interesting idea

pretty good gme i like the creativity put into it great job on the new form of tetris

I understand the inspiration for the game, and admire the physics to some extent. However, it is not an enjoyable game. Trying to play the game with precision is irritatingly difficult, I frequently lost control of pieces too soon for my liking or, had them terribly misaligned often by fault of the angle. This made both adventure mode and puzzle mode more difficult than they ought to have been, as simple puzzles were made far harder by this problem.
After five attempts or so at a level, I found myself giving up and mashing the space bar. I was surprised by how effective this technique was. Using it, I completed the first two levels of adventure mode faster than I had with mere skill. Not just because falling is faster, but it took very few attempts.
Then, realizing the redundancy of skill in this game, I said "Sod it" and stopped playing.

To improve the game and make skill a factor in it, perhaps increase the level of accuracy to which one can move the blocks and remove the tetris clone levels as it make the game feel like a cheap rip off. Do that and I might feel like I am actually achieving something when I complete a level and I might enjoy them game.

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4.22 / 5.00

Mar 3, 2013
5:23 AM EST
Puzzles - Other