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Mucul and Flexibility

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Author Comments

Mucul and Flexibility

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Muscles and flexibility... muscles move the body, and flexibility is how the body moves... and yet there was NO movement in this animation. That doesn't make a lot of sense.

Your spelling needs a workout, as it's pretty weak.

Your knowledge of anatomy is on par with your spelling and pronunciation.

"Quadropecs" ...? Did you mean 'Quadriceps?' Quad-ri-ceps

"Trapezus"? Trapezius ...you spelled it right. It's correctly diagrammed too. Trap-ease-ee-us

"Latissimus Dorsi" Wrong. They're not in the middle back, they're at the sides, and are sometimes referred to as 'wings.' Lattice-sim-us Door-si (psi/pie/cry/die)

"Petroalis" These are the large muscles of the chest, called 'Pecs' for short, and are pronounced: Peck-tor-al-is. They do not go above the collar bone, as your drawing suggests.

Deltoids. That red you drew is actually not muscle, it's your collar bones. Deltoids are the whole "ball" of muscles (front, side, rear) where the arm attaches to the shoulder.

"Gastronemis" You slaughtered that pronunciation. Gastrocnemius = Gassed-rock-knee-me-us. You drew it correctly.

Tendons connect muscle to bone.

Ligaments do NOT hold things together like a glue. They connect bone to bone.

Bloody awful. Please pay more attention to your studies and less attention to your priapism.

Google it, Sparky.

xlZancolx responds:

Listing things is a good way of making some one mad, insults along not-so-helpful "corrections" is a really good way to make me mad. Encase you didn't notice half the claims that you've stated is taking what I said and specifying them. If you want to look like a smart tough guy for all your little buddies on this site then do it somewhere else. I'm right, I know what's in the damn animation, and I am for one not proclaiming this to be a Vincent-Fucking-Van Gogh. One last thing to clarify for your "Bloody" ass is that I got a perfect grade for this, it's not to be pretty or perfect, it just get's the job done. If you failed to notice that then it really shows a lot about your character, "Sparky." So you can go bite the big one because I don't need to read any constructive criticism that doesn't even help me. You punk ass bitch.

Credits & Info

0.50 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2013
10:00 PM EST