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Shadow of the Ninja

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Author Comments

Set in ancient Japan, Shadow of the Ninja is a side-scrolling puzzle platformer featuring rich graphics and animation.

Players will play the role of Akane, an apprentice ninja, as she uses non-lethal stealth powers like cloaking and teleportation to reclaim her peaceful village from an evil samurai clan.


Move: Left & Right
Jump: Up
Drop Off Platform: Down
Cloak: X
Teleporting: Space + Arrow Key
Restart: R
Pause: P

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IT allows the arrow keys to move...which it should. In fact, since you also need to usehte space bar, it really makes it so the arrow keys are PREFERRED. (Trying to use your left hand with wasd and your right with space is awkward since they are so close together, while the right hand using arrows and left on space is more natural.) But since the game really does call for arrows more than WASD, the lock picking sequence to rescue prisoners should show the arror directions in addition to the WASD "combination"

Excellent platformer game... i suck at computer games though so i mess up the locks everytime but the game is still unique...

Was a great game. I don't know why but the only good games I have found on newgrounds were ALL pixelated. But this one wasn't, :D. I found a new problems with the game however. When you failed lock picking, it only told you failed after the time went out. VERY challenging near the end, I found myself redoing the same level but still having fun. sound effects/music was OK but nothing to say it was amazing. Level design was pretty decent. everything was pretty good so I'll give it a 4 out of 5 stars. I wish there was a level maker though, but that's ok.


The game is really good. It DOES require SOME patience....and there aren't flashy upgrades between levels, and I will say that the graphics border on minimalist...but they are clean. This game knows what it's doing, even if it doesn't always explain itself. Like the flute or blowgun or whatever it was, I never had a clue what it did. Gourd of wisdom? I'm GUESSING it increases my "stealth detection" meter. Maybe it lets me jump a little higher? Dunno.

I did like many of the basic effects, the music was tense and the game overs are very startling in that they make me want to keep playing. I also really enjoyed the overall pacing, even if I did start to get frustrated and impatient with having to wait for enemies to move here or there.
Also, you can't really tell if you've entered the wrong keys for freeing prisoners...until you fail and break the lock or whatever. No do-over, really? For levels that are so involved, players who seek that "perfect level" will feel discouraged.

I did also like that hotkeys were bound to menu buttons. That works great, unlike other games that are very assuming in how the player operates their computer...

out of 10...

gfx - 7.5 (pretty clean, somwhat plain)
sfx - 8.5 (tense music, good sfx)
design - 8 (levels are a little complex)
gameplay - 8 (tight controls, good fun)

overall, this is a pretty fun game that's worth returning to. It has a classic feel, and doesn't bog you down with learning a whole jumble of new controls and mechanics. Some matters of pacing are a little frustrating, but I do enjoy a game that tries to break off from the crowd and doesn't mind if not everyone gets it.

if you could realize that not all gamers like stealth served old school. you would realize why i am giving this game a low score. i know you are going to report this so hear me out. i am not being critical. i am making a point. not everyone will love this game. it's OKAY but rough around the edges.

Credits & Info

3.53 / 5.00

Mar 2, 2013
1:57 PM EST