Sonic Battle XC OPENING

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Hello all and all, here is the intro of our sprite series: Sonic Battle XC.
A long series which will consist of long epic battles, this is in fact the following of Nazo Unleashed and Sonic X it's why we plan to bring back Cosmo in this series for fans.
Please be indulgent, I started in the sprite movie there's not very long , i am a beginner of sprites animations
Also i am french, so my english is bad


Very choppy, even for a begginer. Try working on your animating skills a bit before you upload, so then you wont have to suffer the insults anymore.

Hoping Part 1 Comes out FAST!

If you made the animations a bit less choppy and more fluint, And maybe mess around with effects more, this could have potential.

Seeing as how i am also running with a sonic based(yet non sprite although it started there) animation series, i thought i'd give some constructive critismal though the animation was a bit choppy i could somewhat put together the story behind it and it looks pretty bold. the quality is a little bad now but what counts now is that you got the point across to someone. i am a lot less dense then most people but you gotta make it a bit more clear.another thing if you made this in Macromedia Flash 8 a couple of easily fixed problems like weirdly fast idles choppy frames and such exist.

Overall i like your idea, a little more because of biase but you should spend time getting to know your tools.

Happy spriting!

Sonic's running animation is backwards.

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Mar 1, 2013
10:51 AM EST