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SMBZ elevator scene

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i guess it's unofficial but i would really like to see something of this sort in episode 9 of the super mario bros. z. you can think of it as a prank or whatever you want but i think it would be hilarious to have something like this on smbz. i'm really proud of this one. sometimes my work would make me regret things or make me feel like i made mistakes, but this always puts me in a good mood. i just love that elevator music from jurassic park. i don't care if some takes this idea and completely changes it, as long as it's elevator music from jurassic park, i'll be happy with it.

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Meh. It's OK. I would recommend using dancing animations instead of them just rocking back and forth.

metroidfannumber1 responds:

Hmm.... That would have been better. Definitely.

meh, better than the last 10 things i watched

well its clear you put effort into makeing this flash. and based on some of the crap i've seen from other ppl you seen to have a talent. i give this 5 stars.
keep working and get even better. i have faith that you will realy start to take off.

5 star for you my good man

One star for effort.

metroidfannumber1 responds:

thank you