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Mushrooms On Your Pants

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Yah i know the voice is high>i was trying to use an accent but you know

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greatest thing on all of newgrounds

every time im in a downer mood me and my friends lay back puff a scud and laugh our a**'s off!!!


now when you are a dog with the mushrooms on your pants the mushrooms on your pants the mushrooms on your pants


That was cracked. lmao Were you jacked up on a lot of heavy drugs when you sang this? The whole thing made me laugh but I'm a bit off so to me it was great. MAKE MORE! HAVE FUN MUSHROOM MAN WHO LIKES MENS JOCKS!


but then i am off to reading festival in 90 minutes so im in a good mood. you get a big five.


for future reference..if you think its funny..then it probably isnt'..
bad graphics..bad song..bad audio..all around bad.