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Ketchup Pump

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****FRONT PAGE, HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Thank you all!!!!!!!!!****

My first in a series I plan on doing about stupid shit that happens in the workplace that's mind-numbingly irritating. As someone who works in the food service industry and honest-to-God loves every minute of it, I feel like creatively venting my frustrations will help keep me sane and loving what I do.

And trust me, there's always something to work with!

Created, obviously with Flash, a different, button-filled version for you lovely folk here at Newgrounds, and a different version for YouTube. All voices and noises done by me. Chiptune used at the end of the YouTube version also done by me, on Rymtik Retrobits on my 3DS, since I've yet to make any connections with anyone who can make music.

Mucho thanks to the tutorials I watched to make buttons, and to my girlfriend for being patient as fuck while I worked hours upon hours on this. I'm still a newbie and it still takes me a long time to do simple stuff, but she puts up with it.

Enjoy it. Share it.

EDIT: I did just realize there's a slight color defect on the replay button frame. I'm not sure why it's there, as it doesn't show up on Flash, but.. meh. Oh well. You live, you learn, won't happen again, yadayada.

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figures the person asking how to work a KETCHUP PUMP of all things, would be a blonde! keep up the awesome work bro! :)

LeTravino responds:

Hahaha! I didn't even think of that, good lord


nicely done, whatching youre preveus vids i have seen you have improved ^_^ and i am glad to hear that, based on real life this is true sadly =_= and i hate it too, anyways amazing job and i am gonna rate 5 stars for yr effort ^_^ pleas rply :3

LeTravino responds:

Replied! Sorry it took so long. But thank you, it means a lot that you believe I'm improving. Hopefully the next one shows more improvement !

Honestly, I dont see why people are complaining so much about "THIS IS A RIPOFF OF EGORAPTOR, YOU HAVE NO ORIGINALITY, BLARH". Its not that big of a deal. Its perfectly fine to be inspired, and make similar animation. Heck, make it exactly the same. I dont see why anyone should care.

Anyway.. On to the review.

The animation was.. Well. There wasnt alot of animation. It was more or less still images with slight movement. I'm not sure why you didnt make the mouths move. I dont know if you're not good at lip syncing, or if its just youre style, or if you just didnt feel like it. Personally, I kind of liked the fact that the mouths didnt move. However, I think you should have put a bit more animation into it.

The ending wasn't funny. It was more or less overdone. The rant about the ketchup pump seemed ok, although it got a bit boring. And, hey, it should be easy to make a funny ending for a rant, but you just.. messed it up. (Spoiler Alert) The "Overreaction" ending was used a bunch of time. He turned into some weird monster thing, and killed the guy. Not very original, but the animation in that part was good. I'll give you that.

The voice acting was pretty good. The blonde guy's acting was too much though. You tried so hard to make him sound stupid, that it DID sound stupid. Your voice acting, was ok though.

Overall, you need a bit of work, but I do believe you have plenty of the P word. (potential)

overall, 3/5

Replay ? , no thanks