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Run across the strings of a guitar, while dodging the fingers. Music is generated through the gameplay. Pick up chords to change the sound of the strings and time out your solos to extend your chord combo.
You get more points and build up combo faster for collecting different chords.

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Okay here is what I have seen. The game is far to easy, on my second play I was able to get top score of all time and could have kept going. The music is not great but it would make it fun if as you go up in times bonus the playing got better that would give you a reason to not get hit. You can keep playing forever if you are willing to let the times bonus bar run out and just not get hit. It has some room to grow though if you add a few changes. Other then that great make.

Yngar responds:

I agree with you on everything you said. I'm glad someone finally beat my score, even if it was just to prove a point.

Graphics and concept are alright. But the music does sound boring. Maybe add more notes so it changes more often?

Yngar responds:

I was thinking about adding minor chords and different instruments but I don't think its really worth the time to keep working on it. If it had gotten good reception I may have made a second version, but I would need to rethink the whole game design to make it more interesting.

This is SOOOO BAD!! The music sounds terrible, and even if you do hit all the notes it still sounds terrible! At least make the music better. You made my dog howl in pain from this game. Lol you get a 1. Only because I liked the concept.

Yngar responds:

Sorry it hurt your dog :x

Hey, I like it! The musical theme is pretty novel for a runner game. I like the graphics, too. Reminds me of a C64 character. :)

Yngar responds:


Kinda boring :/