Gigi Meets Kaiju King

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A short GoAnimate! parody I made from scratch in about 7 hours in flash (not GoAnimate!). Plus an extra two hours by Budj who added the shading and textures.

I'm switching from sprites to full animation soon so this flash was a nice exercise in drawing, lipsynch, and frame by frame. Most of the jokes are inside jokes, but if you're familiar with KaijuKing or Punisher, you'll probably get it.

Gigi created by Budj, Kaiju King as himself, and Punisher33 as himself. Kirby and Fumu are property of Nintendo.

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Is this Kaiju King a real artist on DA or did you just pick some random words with Japanese in them...cause that's usually what most members name themselves. Man I wanna find this guy if he's real and see his crappy stolen junk now!

Looking forward to seeing your next non-sprite flash.......and yer sprite flashes cause those are AWESOME!

teejay-number13 responds:

His user name on DA is xXkaijuking91Xx.

...im guessing this is to start off the year... but its on the wrong pace...

teejay-number13 responds:

It was just a joke that wasn't going to be posted, but we liked it so much I decided to go ahead.

im not much to say to this i only wrote this coment to say that im making a teejay minecraft skin gardivore teejay in team rocket disquise and gardivore in vulpix fur cote in skincraft cuz i would love to have teejay as a mine craft character skin

teejay-number13 responds:

I never played minecraft but that sounds cools. Send me a video or screenshot when you're done.

You dare use Gigi without my permission? I will sue you sir.

It's a masterpiece fellas, bravo!