Zonik da Hedhog & Blakman

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He original..... He a Blakman.
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http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=TOQvEO3677M

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The funniest part was the very end.

LardSticks responds:

inspired by howtobasic

Lard, your style is awesomely unique... This parody is what got me hooked on your animations.
Keep up the great work, man!!

So stupid it was funny.


Bravo. Masterpiece. Original. The strain of Sonic against his clones. The strain of a black man in a surreal situation. A foxy woman. And EGGman. And Tails. Eleven out of ten. This piece of crap made my brain flip out.

Too strange for my tastes. Din't really get the point of the beginning. Had nothing to do with anything. Everything else was.... meeeh!!