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EVH's Rock Keyboard

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I wonder how many more ideas I can steal from Rob Manuel.

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Awesome, although... why not do Led Zeppelin for Z? Just sayin'. Or... Look Away by Chicago? :/

PhantomCat responds:

did you just comment on a four year old flash only to ask why i used what songs i did

I am disappointed in the lack of Van Halen tracks.

PhantomCat responds:

Why would anyone go to NewGrounds to sing along to Van Halen tracks WITH VAN HALEN? Just listen to the actual songs, gosh. This highly advanced technology lets you sing along with Van Halen to OTHER tracks. A unique experience that is (adjective).

love this

PhantomCat responds:

Thanks homebasket

If every Flash was required to feature Yngwie and Blackie Lawless.. I'd come to NG more often.

PhantomCat responds:



hahaha, i had fun just listening to all of these for a second. very clever with the "delete" button, yes yes...but the...hmmm....FACT THAT THERE'S NO VAN FREAKIN' HALEN made me sad....i like that you did he names by key-letter....as for Z....SHAME ON YOU! What the f*ck about ZZ Top?!

PhantomCat responds:

If you wanted to sing Van Halen songs with Van Halen, you could just listen to a VH album. DUH. I'm providing a NEW service here.

Also, crap, you're right. Still, I don't feel as bad about that as having to include XTC in anything ever at any point of my life, but I can't think of another X even now.