Gauntlet - Cosmic Guards

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Upon entering the Gauntlet of the 10 Guardians, you discover the weapons system of your ship has been disabled.
You are now forced to make your way through the gauntlet dodging the oncoming onslaughts of the Guardians.


The ship is too large and moves too slowly give the player time to avoid the lasers with how fast they are coming. It turns it into a game of memorization where they player has to keep repeating the same sequences so they can memorize the next one. If things were slowed down or the hip had shields or more than 1 health it would be a bit more like an action game where player have to see the lasers coming and avoid them then a memorization game where the player has to keep repeating each sequence. Also the range where it counts as a hit on the player is larger than the ship, so the laser can miss, while the player still dies.

has potential, but its too hard, learning curve 0

this game is way too hard I can't even last 2 ticks of the clock (in game seconds) in the first level. other than that the game has a little potential if you would just lower the darn difficulty.

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3.01 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2013
3:42 AM EST
Adventure - Other