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Too much fair and constructive appraisal, not enough blind praise and five-voting.

My only regret in life so far is not taking a screenshot of SpeedoSausage's review on my Gagsy cartoon. I guess it got deleted because the NG autocensor thought he swore when he didn't. It was a good one, though.


Nice work on this short, and funny response to your viewers "constructive" criticism. The way you set things up makes this seem more suitable for YouTube, as there are several videos like this on there currently. Lastly, thanks for including my critique on your work, I think that part was defiantly the best.
P.S: I had no idea that my username was actually a show, and I do not make music... I pretty much just came up with this name on the spot.

PhantomCat responds:

Pretty sure this isn't suitable for anywhere. Also I really appreciated the first sentence of that other review, thanks

Dude...This is...I don't even know what they're reviewing to, but I'd like to see it too. 5 for the bunny, dude. I laughed so freakin' hard.

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PhantomCat responds:

Huehue, just reviews I got this month. The rabbit one was from 1974, the rest were probably from that arcade game since it's the only other thing I made that even got any notice

Ahahaa! This was actually very funny. That rabbit...oh gawd.

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PhantomCat responds:

I have a friend who is obsessed with rabbits and this is the only flash I've ever actually gotten him to vote 5 on for that very reason


PhantomCat responds:

Oh man I am totally using that one in my next review review. It's just such a classic

God I just can't 5 this hard enough.

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PhantomCat responds:

Say that to my face you freaking coward

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3.39 / 5.00

Feb 20, 2013
6:04 PM EST