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the wok clock

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..............a many manky monkey monk a my monkey's movie.....

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Why have I never seen this?
Well now I have.
And I must say.
I most certainly did see it.

Nothing new, and hard to even understand.

Dude your text was going just a little bit too fast. Nothing was really all that funny except for the clocks getting bashed. I have only seen a vey small amount of funny clock movies(like one) and all the rest are just stupid wastes of time, especially for the poor bastards that made them. TRy doin something cool. PLEASE. and if you want, it can include a clock. clockfuckers.

Suck my CLOCK!!!

This is greatness yo...but I wonder why so many people are obsessed with clocks. Can the clockophiles of this site masturbate to the wristwatch on their wrist...do you time your jack-off periods...which is your favorite hand (lol)? Anyways, keep up the good work but put in some more carnage.


how many shrooms did you eat before making this, it was so wacky, it was funny :-)


this was crap in its worst form! nothing made sence, your work is like that of a blind racecar driver, spastic, allover the palce. this was one of the WORST films i ever saw. how bout i PUNTCH your CLOCK. BLAM BLAM BLAM

woknoodles responds:

you are one of the many TWAT-O (TM) twat branded faggot fuckers, wait sorry i didnt mean to offend them.. you have not even made a single movie, and never will since you have not the capacity in your feeble 'brain' to operate a spoon.

I hope you enjoy your dumb life to have a dumb wif then thick kids and your stupid dog, you deserve less but hey...

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3.89 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2002
3:29 PM EDT