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Under the Moon

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This is a small game I did in five days or so, I wanted to try and tell a story that didn't rely on text or words.

Big thanks to Calamaistr for allowing me to use three of his great songs. Also thanks to newgrounds user SourJovis for providing me with an excellent 'item get' sound effect.

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great little platformer game with some AMAZING music and puzzles, main complaint was that the jumping sound effect got annoying quick

I found this gem after travelling through The Ruins of Machi Itcza - which I also love. I love the retro style of this game. Movement was solid. I survived those looping rooms and made it to the end. Well done!

Under the Moon is a neat and short game that keeps a good consistency of quality despite having no text, words or over-the-top graphics. The game shades nicely with black, and the last two sections of the game are nice, once you learn how to navigate them.

I assume the story is that the purple one seeks out a heart to love the green one. Either way, it wasn't a bad experience. It's also surprisingly large for a game created in five days. Also, thank you SO much for using the music you picked. It's so refreshing to hear original tracks getting spotlights.

Tl;dr: The game doesn't have anything to special, but the final two areas are enjoyable if you like navigation puzzles, with a nice soundtrack on top.

This is a cool games but is difficult!!

Just one of my favorite games <3