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The Cabin

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Flash Flood IV Collab Day


Rob and Dave

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hahahahahaha, excellent collab!

well, when i first watched this, i was shocked by the awesomeness of the story, and i liked how rob and pops tried to find their way out the the mountain.
then, they entered the cabin. horror begins to kick in.
and THEN, abbazaba is K.O, and they play/solve riddles vs the evil guy.
....and it turns out its bb10? why u hate teh bb10? he such a nice guy!11oneone

anyway, good flash, and i liked how you mentioned that i always want people to write for TIEM.
also: i know the answer to pop-tart's riddle:

what do i win?

make more flash!

Is it just me or were the two people 1. a pop-tart and the other one a one eyed servered head with a hat? Btw good animation

Pop-Tart responds:

Holy fuck this is the best review I've ever read.

Lol dead cameo

I shat that mountain from the beginning.