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Street Race

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Street Race

Sponsored by Turbo Nuke
Game by Insane Hero and Monkey moo

Race down 6 night tracks to win money to upgrade your custom car.
Use the arrows to steer and press X to release your NOX boost.

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Really enjoying this. Thanks :)

Added to favorites, beat the game with the first car, awesome game, plus keep doing the same race course to add money to your car, helpful hint right here

This game was fun to play. I really like how it gives you a sense of speed as the buildings blur by. I beat the game using the Supra (the first car you unlock, so the second car in the lineup); had to upgrade it to almost MAX everything.
Good music too.
Zoom-Zoom :-)

I omost won the game with the 2ed fastest car but hit the corner near the end of the race and didn't get the win on track 6 came in 2ed I think most of it is that you have to cut the corners and not hit anything that's the key to win track 6

The game is fun, up until track 6. After that, even with max upgrades, it has a feel of 'you collided with a blade of grass, we're going to have 5 cars pass you, with no chance of regaining your position.' Nos boost on track 6 is absolutely worthless, in second place and trying to pass the car in front of me I gained no ground, the car in front of me kept his distance regardless. Once you drop from first to second place you're SOL. It would be more fun if there was a slight CHANCE to pass him.

Physics seem a bit crude, but I'm not expecting Gran Turismo.
As someone said in a previous review, the screeching tires get annoying, I would suggest maybe limit it to when the car is going around the tightest corners or something.
Graphics? Graphics are fine, it's a flash game ffs. What are people expecting?

FightClub69 responds:

I've had a lot of complaints about the tyre noise now... I'll adjust it severely for future releases.
The NOX speeds you up to 180 max speed, but you can get to about 160-170ish with the fast car and max upgrades... so yeah it's not great on the last race. It does make you accelerate faster though, so maybe a good tactic to fire it right at the race start, especially if you've maxed the duration so it lasts for ages.