Escape the Chapel 3D

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Escape the Chapel 3D is a small escape game made using the Away3D 4.0 Library. You wake up inside of a small crypt in the cemetery of the chapel. Look for items and go through a few areas to find your way out of the chapel.

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Couldn't even get past the first room the hit box for the "eye" for me is non-existant!

The game didn't control well. The mouse was crazy sensitive. The puzzles couldn't be any more generic (remember code, grab key). The howling wind in the background is mind numblingly droning. This game hardly passes as a tech demo. It looks and feels like it was done in an evening.

Although this game is atmospheric, I have quite a few criticisms: This game is too easy. I'm terrible at point and click games and I could complete this with no problem. The only problems I had with it were flaws in the game's design (like that "key" I got out of the coffin in the hole. How was I supposed to know that was a key!? It looked like a blob of polygons! And the first key, that I found in the boxes behind the room I was in. The clicking hitbox was too small and I thought that the boxes had no purpose.) The puzzles had no challenge whatsoever. Hints to the puzzles just told you the answer outright. It was far too short.

Not Bad!

I'll give you points on atmosphere. nice rendering. Very slow and laggy though.

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2.23 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2013
7:41 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click