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Scribble Turret

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Use your mouse to aim your main turret and collect coins. After each day you can upgrade your main gun, automated turrets, defensive fleet, repair rate, and coin collection. Money that you don't spend will double!

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good game just needs a little more work and more cash would not be bad

OK, I've played the game for a bit now and managed to power up a lot - which is the only incentive to play. You want to unlock all the goodies. I think it's an ok game that needs a bit of tweaking in some areas and then I see it as a classic that I would definitely play more often.

*A minimap/radar to use as a headsup for where the biggest attackers are coming from to sort of do a preemptive attack before they swarm you.
*The game is more about collecting money than shooting badguys which is not really fun. Either the magnet needs to be stronger from the getgo, or you need to let the money have a longer "life" so you don't need to pick them up right away so you can focus on shooting. Perhaps you can do away with the money collecting mechanic alltogether as it is very annoying and detracting from game play as is
*Fleet should perhaps have the ability to respawn and the respawn speed could be an upgrade. As is they die off pretty quick in the end and you end up getting swarmed.
*I couldn't even recognise which were enemies at first. The ships are exactly the same save for the red trimming instead of blue. The small ships are too small to really see the difference at times so you should make the enemy ships a different base colour than white if you intend to have the same design on them.

That's pretty much it.

good game although its way too hard

I really like this game. But its just too hard.
The earnings are just little to upgrade fast enough.
Theres no option to repair between waves, or to fortify the turret.
You will bleed hp every round and thats that.

Others may have a different opinion than I, It's not bad a game to be honest. I just can't get into it. It's kinda fun, yet not. The graphics just bug me a bit and the strange motion of the turret.

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3.67 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2013
11:27 AM EST