Seinfeld 2013 Edition

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Imagine if Jerry Seinfeld wrote his sitcom right now with all of the unfunny internet humor and nerd 90's culture that plagues our society today!

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I never watched Seinfeld, but I truly enjoyed this. It's just one of those shows that everyone kept saying they wanted to continue. It's pretty funny to imagine what it would be like if they did make new episodes. With all that being said, I enjoyed this. I admit the animation could have been better, but that could have been the point. Hopefully, it will get more views being in the Top 50.

I knew you'd make a Kramer joke like that. Yeah, he's pretty much a joke nowadays anyway. The Nostalgia Critic has to review "Problem Child"! The voices were so dumb and goofy. Hope you didn't offend any fans of the show.

This animation brings up an interesting perspective about young people that love their childhood. Okay, so someone has some fond memories of their youth, but there are some important questions he must ask himself: has he formed a legacy which others could build on? Has he achieved something memorable to others? Or more simply, does he still maintain a strong friendship with his childhood friends if he had any?

Some examples to fulfill these questions are:

1. An 8 year old with cancer starts a fundraising bake sale in various public places, thousands of people buy from him, and he dies 9 months later. His fundraiser has since become an official charity which millions of people support worldwide.

2. A 12 year old becomes a finalist at NWC 1990, and wins a gold cartridge of the game he played there. He eventually becomes nationally recognized for his effort.

3. Two grown men have been friends since 1993, and still talk to each other very often.

If one doesn't fulfill these questions, he may have no reason to feel so proud of living in the 90s. Most people that love their past so much aren't willing to accept anything from the future, even if it would appeal to him. What he could do right now is help humanity move forward instead of obsessing over the 90s so much.

Disguised in sarcastic humor, this animation effectively points out the problems with all the people who can't escape from the past. Everything the viewer sees in this video may help to question himself about what exactly he is doing for the rest of us. You're doing a wonderful job with your work. Keep it up, mate!

SoulBrothaNumba1 responds:

Finally someone gets this shit.

The graphics and the animation are terrible and it wasn't very funny. You have potential, try harder next time.

SoulBrothaNumba1 responds:

lol get fucked, spick

Well you said that it was supposed to not be funny, so I guess you achieved your goal.

For some reason the video was very "laggy" on my computor. I don't if it's that, or the flash. The video seemed very funny, but unfortunatly the lag monster decided to go to town on this flash. Sorry Bro.

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Feb 17, 2013
11:26 PM EST
Comedy - Parody