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MCI - TK vs Dirty Smurf

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The 2013 International MC Invitational Tournament
Round 2
(1) TK vs (4) Dirty Smurf

Verse 1: TK
Verse 2: Dirty Smurf
Verse 3: TK
Verse 4: Dirty Smurf

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"If Eminem was a planet, you'd live on it"
"If Eminem was a bed, you'd be a bed bug"
- Dirty Smurf, 2013. Lyrical genius.

voting for TK, he dissed a lot more about smurf, and that rebuttal about getting shot was pretty funny, whereas, like a lot of people have already said smurf mainly focused on the eminem-similarity bars, not saying they weren't funny or anything, it's just when that's basically all you're saying it gets old quickly.

TK had that bouncing flow and some good disses, he had too many easy gay shit though, and I don't think DS copied the last guy's (me) material from last round. I thought his 2nd verse was a bit too defensive, but he was able to get on the attack for a bit. Dirty Smurf had the delivery solid and his flips were effective; but the lyrics and repetition of the Em's dick angle were stale.

I think both of these battlers are good rappers, but I thought this battle was generally weak. A lot of the same material was thrown around by both and there weren't any "Oh Shit!" lines; very mediocre material by both. That being said, I'm going to give this battle to TK basically because of how many times Dirty Smurf alluded to TK being on Em's dick. I would've rather heard an alternate angle to that shot, but instead he pretty much repeated it. TK gets this one by the gay man's pubic hair in his teeth.

This website is so shit.. and i bet this dirty smurf guys the ONLY black guy in this fuckin competition... and why's everybody dick riding TK like he's some amazing rapper? everything about his rapping sounds like eminem.. if your trying to get famous u wont get far unless u get your own style.. if dirty smurf loses, this competition is gay as fucks cuz he murked TK on both rounds.. u cant even say im racist cuz im mixed race (just putting that out there) dirty smurf gets this battle fuck a TK

DIrty smurf is the one I think that won this one by far.