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Bringing you bullshit 2

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I don't like to favorite one of the sites I submit to,
I like to have all my work on all of them. However with newgrounds I don't feel comfortable submitting 20 second cartoons a lot of the time. So i wait until I have a few and can submit a little collection!

These are all just shorts I did for fun or practicing techniques

Hope ya enjoy em

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Fuck this I'm going to the bar.

Well that was certainly interesting. Liked the animation here, and dose lip sync skills....are quite good. I do like the expressions here as they are quite creative but still not too much where it's just ridiculous trying to make me laugh. So in the middle I would say for that. Quite the work you made here, and creative hand you have as well.


Wow ok I think you are a bit too critical about your art. I really liked this collection of shorts. You have my sub sir. Also I've seen your souls stuff. Good work.

DMC..dante and that ugly boss creature was so funny. Already played the game. Nice vid.