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GGA - Shut up Monita

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Oookay, I know what you're thinking..."my god, another Game Grumps animation" I know, but just bare with it....
I've been kinda lazy and took a little more time to complete than it should!
It was suppose to be released mid January and it didn't -_-'' sorry

I hope you guys enjoy it, I've been using it to practise lip sync and if you pay atention, there's a slight change in the way I do it mid way through the animation!

Also, the way that Ego and John are drawn are (kinda) exacly the way Egoraptor does in his animations....I know....imagination FTW!!
I just really like the way he does it so I kinda went with it :S

Hope you guys enjoy it ;)

Newgrounds: http://lixian. newgrounds.com/
Youtube: http://www. youtube.com/LixianTV

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Hmm I thought Arin was "not so grump", ahh oh well. I seen quite a few Game Grumps animations, but your is definitely one of the better ones. I agree with what Killingyoutwice says, adding some more scenes in place of the sitting on the couch talking parts, however when they're talking you do see some good emotion and lip syncing done, so that works. Also you could try making it so it's like they're IN the game like the "Don't Listen to Protoman" animation Arin did. All the GGA I've seen that do this tend to be more interesting, but of course....it depends on the clip really....ANYWAYS, A very nice animation overall, I'd enjoy re-watching this a few times

As a fan of Game Grumps (The Gram Bams, The Goosle Gorfs, The G Grizzlez, etc.) I can honestly say that the flash was funny as hell. I love how expressive they are and how well their expressiveness translates into the animation. I especially like the detail put into some of the smaller things such as Jon smashing the controller during the "I pressed A!" bit and Mario having a little question mark over his head when Jon starts singing the theme music.

However, I think you could have added just a bit more in terms of showing the game in the animation. Something like having Jon's face on the spring and having it say the line about turning into a "spring thing". Or maybe show Jon "crushing his course" as Arin put it, at the end of the video.

Overall, a very nice flash that could have just a bit more.


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Lixian responds:

Thanks you :D

Welp I enjoyed it, even if the audio isn't original material nor the animation idea it's still funny. Love their faces.

Lixian responds:

yeah I know :/ I'm glad you liked it :)

That was awesome dude. Keep it up.

Lixian responds:

Thanks man ;)