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Soda Chase

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Help the thirsty skater overcome different obstacles and find the soda machine. Don't forget to take a coin with you!

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It was pretty neat, but they really need to be a lil more clear in the description. At first I thought it was just some skateboarding game and was trying all these buttons on the keyboard to get him to move. Maybe mention that it's a point and click style game in the description as well.

Too easy, but hey! it's a nice game, good job

A lot of the time, I didn't really know what to do, so I used the walkthrough for some of it. Some of the things the skater did were pretty cheesy, but really laughable. Good work. Pretty fun game~

I didn't know what to do, but as I looked at it, I thought it was a good game. P.S. You should put the controls in the description!!!

Control is a bit missmatching. When i tried to put the hammer together i had to click a few times to get the head of the hammer and drag it into the right place.
It is a bit unreasonable for me why in the second level i have to damage the hydrant to put the lid on the wastepipe.
Level 3, 4 and 5 are ok. I liked them. Loading the truck and reparing the ramp and the street ( those were too easy) is ok with me. There is nothing bad to say about this
Funny idea to destroy the block and use a plank as a ramp to jump over oil. Best level. The stunt could have been a bit more realistic. Maybe a Flip trick with the board. That's what i was expecting and not a backflip.
Cleaning up the street ? Lame idea and also too easy. Comment is a bit harsh, but this was my first impression of it.
I don't want to repeat myself but the last two levels where way to easy too.
Overall i would say this game is nothing less than a cheap time killer that wastes 20 mins.
1 star for the effort in doing this game and the second one for the good programming ( I did not find any bugs). I can not tell any good ideas, but try to make the levels not longer (by addind more clicks), but try to make them harder. Overall this game was too easy in order to give yourself a succes for completing it. After all this is a point and click game and i expect it to be challenging, where you have to pause and think and look/search for the right stuff to combine it and then solve stage after stage.