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Here's my tribute to heartiest day of the year, a simple point-and click pattern creator gadget. It's got 10 colors, lots of heart and endless variation. :) If you make something amazing with it feel free to send me a snapshot. Share the love and stay creative!

And Happy Valentine! :)

Btw, there's no preloader since the file is so small (580kb). If you have a slow connection be patient if nothing happens when you click, it should load quickly.

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It is so cute and simple. I'm always looking through E rated content for my little cousins so they have something to be entertained by when I have to babysit them. They told me to give you five starts. They also made me a huge smiley face out of the hearts. I'm a full grown adult and I found this game cute too.

Cyberdevil responds:

Give them my thanks for the five stars. :) Glad you liked it!

This game is somewhat lovely. I love it. its is the most beautiful game out all the 2013 games that you made. The Hearts are so cute. The colors for the hearts are great. I wish Yellow was in the heart game as well as the all colors. i find this game cute. The hearts are in the air. Love is in the air.
The Game is so charming that i fell in love with it. it is so cute.
This is has some great graphics and great concept. The Hearts are very well made. I am glad that you made this game that is so lovely and has cute hearts are very well made. The Music is very lovely. The Beauty in this game is cute. i am happy about how the things for this game came out. I would love to see the hearts rotate and have different themes. This is getting 5 stars and a five star Ratings. Thumbs Up for this very cute Valentines Game in 2013. this is the best Valentines Day Game of 2013. i enjoyed this game a lot.
I Hope you keep up the awesome work it comes to making Game in the future. Awesome Jpb making this Valentines Day Game.


Cyberdevil responds:

Well thanks, glad you enjoyed it! :D

This game's pretty simple. It's a fun little gadget, though like Decky said, I thought it needed more content. You're really good at creating these things, but it would be amazing if you could create a collection full of at least three games like this.

It's a nice game, but it's too simple in my opinion.

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it! I shall attempt making something more extensive next year.

I'm not quite sure what to say about this game, on one hand it's completely exceptable for what it is and the opnly real change I would make to it is to have the hearts disappear as an option so that some could be taken away.

The main problem with this game though is that it's just too small, and I know that you are talented at creating mini games so why you didn't do a collections of different mini games with a valentine theme I don't know. Maybe this was a last minute "I wanna do something for valentines day" thing but it really feels like a part of something.

In Short - Good for what it is, needed more content.

- Review Request Club -

Cyberdevil responds:

Ah, that's a good idea, will keep it in mind for the future! Your right, this was kind of a last minute creation for Valentine, which I think I managed in a day. Guess I should start preparing for next year and make something really flashy then. :) Thanks for the review!

Pretty sweet. It's amazing when you make a pattern of alternating colors. But more features would have been cool. Like rotating hearts or different themes.

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks for the comment, I'll keep that in mind for next Valentine! :)

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3.59 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2013
6:01 PM EST