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Happy Valentines Day <3

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I'm done trying to get everybody to vote five on my things. Now I'm just going to write a loving, hand-written note to one person and get them to vote five. THE REST OF YOU CAN MELT INTO A PUDDLE OF JEALOUSY. Also, that's supposed to say (NO HOMO) but I had the text lined up so nicely and I didn't want that bottom line to be longer.

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What is this witchcraft

PhantomCat responds:

are you the real pineappleclock

You spelt my name wrong....

PhantomCat responds:

There's always next year

5 Stars for putting a smile on my face, and the grat music. How did you know what my username was? I can tell you put lots of effort in this. :)

PhantomCat responds:

You don't--you get down off a griffin!

Well, what can I really say? I admit it was nice to get a valentine that literally had my name on it. It is quite impressive with how many views this has gotten (received?). The song was pretty good too. It does remind me of older times when I gave away valentines in school. I gave them to everyone I knew.

Most people did the same thing too. I do want more than just a single image. Of course, I also liked that Foamy thing about Hurricane Katrina. That was, of course, more intellectual. A pity I didn't review this when it first came out.

PhantomCat responds:

How do you get down off a dragon?

Is that James Darren singing? He had a recurring part in ST:DS9, what a real talent.

PhantomCat responds:

Spank Sinatra, but they were homies.