Brave Soldier

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Your brave soldier is on mission. His objective is to defend
the army base building. Shoot all the enemies to kill them.
Hire gunman and craftman in your army.Upgrade your weapons
in store and Use your them wisely. Watch your health bar and
upgrade it after each level.

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First off WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND FLIES A BI-PLANE INTO A BATTLEFIELD??????The pistol sounds like a freaking dart gun- it needs work but it's all right

you get 1 star for the intro, other then that the game doesnt have much to offer, its your standard point and shoot defense game, which has been done before, with upgradable weapons and fort, also done before. In addition the weapons dont really change what they do, i didnt actually ever notice reloading or the number of bullets i had running out. Further more the hit detection was nonexistant, there was on one or 2 specific spots an enemy you could shoot for it to register, and head shots had no effect greater then a normal shot.

The opening had promise though.

it really has potential it was pretty fun there is some room for improvement in creativity but not bad I had fun while playing it. The menu is pretty cool too, Maybe put in more missions than just defending the base but you could really do alot with this if you put your mind too it not bad at all.

Not bad looking shooter, but buggy as hell.
Could empty a whole mag with the SMG at a static target with no hits, the 'minigun' (which looks like an assault rifle) is really bad. Sorry, but the point of a shooter is to be able to shoot stuff.

targeting is off you have too aim slightly behind them